Monday, July 31, 2017

DOD 34 - What is your normal?

I have to be honest starting out here.  I am on vacation with my family, and there has been a lot of time spent on decompression.  More so this year than I can remember in any previous year.  I have not wanted to put much thought into any bit of the day to day that usually is jockeying for position for my attention.  This vacation has been a vacation from life for me.

Now for the honest part.  I have not wanted to put much thought into putting this DOD together.  I have even struggled with the thoughts of:  “This DOD needs to so earth shattering that all who read are moved to rousing applause and complete transformation”.  Ok.  That is me being overly exaggerative.  I care less about whether you read this DOD and are impressed.  I, however, have continually fought the desire to come up with something that is pretty impactful though.  There you go.  It’s out.  That monkey can go find another back to ride on.

The reason I took time to share all of this, is because it exactly related to what I want to share in a current, personal challenge.  I share with you one scripture and one thought/challenge that have been rattling around in my brain and spirit for the last several days.

Psalms 19:14:  “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you.”

Thought:  “What have you accepted as normal?”

As I stood in front of the toilet when I first had the thought, I know the Spirit was challenging me to consider what I have accepted as normal, but is not.  What thoughts or words have easily spilled in or out without the challenge of, “Is this my new normal?”  I am not talking about impure thoughts.  I am digging deeper and wider.  Something like, “my wife and I are fighting again today and….” fill in the blank.  That should not be our new normal.  Or, “I was completely justified in standing up for myself and the words I used.”  Is getting the last word in, though justified, accepted as our normal?  Or try this one on: “I guess I have made enough of a mess of my life, and I have ruined everyone else’s, I should consider myself lucky and content just to be able to eat the slop with the pigs”.  Or: “This DOD has to be perfect!”  Ok...last one: “I am truly alone.”

Here is the simple challenge to consider:  Are the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart pleasing to Him?  Do you, as His work of art, whom He has said with conviction and unwavering belief, that you are FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE, respond with words and thoughts that bring Him joy?  Not for the purpose of just bringing Him joy.  I mean that he is so filled with joy because you know who you are and you know what your normal should be?

So...What words and thoughts have you accepted as normal?  Ask the Spirit to challenge your thinking, to renew your mind and find your normal.

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