Tuesday, August 1, 2017

DOD 35, Aug 2 2017

First take a few minutes to listen to this song.  Its one of my favorites and gets me in touch with who I am and who God is and what that trusting and intimate relationship can look like.

Now read this from Isaiah.  It’s a bit lengthy, but hang in there. 

Isaiah 42:14-43:21

Go back and focus on some specific verses.  42:22;  43:1;  43:18-19

That’s really about it…What does this speak to you?   Do you believe it is possible that God would do something new?  You know, He already has the something new was Christ!  But God is so big that he continues to do new things in our lives everyday if we have the eyes to see.  What do you think of the section around 42:22?  What does it say about how God sees us and what his “goal” is for us?

Comment on group me if you’d like… be on the look out for the “new thing”!

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