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Aug 9, 2017

Well done!  We have just completed something amazing.  We have walked out 40+ days together.  Our hope and prayer has been that by participating in this 4- day challenge that you would not just “get a handle” on a sexual integrity issue, but that you would find new meaning and depth of Life in the LIFE of Christ.  We have walked this out together.  Let me just say that what we have done is special, but bigger than that, YOU are something amazing.  In the eyes of the Father, you are unique and valuable and you play an indispensable role in the restoration of all things.  And this (the restoration of all things) is what god is about, it’s his purpose.  It starts with the Heart.  Your heart.  The more you get that in perspective, the more you allow Him to restore you into a fully integrated man seeking Life in the Life of God, the more He can unveil your special purpose in this world to bring about His bigger purposes.  

Take a listen to this video…it’s less than 20 min.  It gives hope and perspective.

I have two objectives for this DOD. 

1st) I want you to know this has been an amazing ride for those of us writing the posts.  Your engagement and participation has been a huge encouragement and played a part in our continuing restoration.  You have done a killer job sticking with it.  Celebrate!  Congratulations!  And Thank you!

But…it is ending today.  Take a minute to let that sink in and realize that its ok to be a bit apprehensive about tomorrow.  What will you choose when there is no DOD to read in the morning?  Take a few moments to “say goodbye”; prepare yourself if you will.  God has been repeatedly showing me the phrase “new”; as in “all things new”, “behold I am doing a new thing”.  New things can only spring up out of the space that an old thing has left vacant.  This 40 days is now over.  A new thing must take its place.  What will your new thing be?

(This is not to say we will never do this again, or that we won’t all be there on Thursday to love and support one another.  It does mean that we can’t trust in the past.  Move into the next thing God is calling you to with courage and strength garnered from the last thing he called you to!)

2nd) let me encourage you not to stop!  Definitely find a new thing.  The only thing worth “building your life around” is the transformational Love and Life of our Great God and its Manifested in Jesus!  So do that, arrange your life in a way that puts you as constantly as possible in the “flow” of transformation.  I want to share with you two things (aside from The Mat) that I go to nearly daily to keep me near to Christ and His transforming power in my life. I have attached the links to two resources: Ransomed Heart and Seedbed.  I know some of you guys already know one or both of these.  They have helped me tremendously over the past few years to keep moving forward into all that God has for me.  Scripture says we move “from Glory to Glory”.  We have used the title “the better wine” to emphasize how God can always take what we thought was “decent” life and turn it into something better.  These two resources have helped keep me moving in that direction.

Remember, you are moving that direction too, you’re running a race…not just to “heaven”, but toward something amazing! YOU fully alive Heart, Body, Mind and Soul; fully Alive with Christ.  Use this last 40 days as a jumping point toward the restoration of YOU.  All of you.  Jesus came to seek and to save ALL that was lost.  So those places that don’t seem “restored”, those are good places to start talking to Him about…

I’m looking forward to the Fall at The Mat.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the Glory God wants to unveil in each of you as we continue to Journey together.

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